4 Essential Benefits of the VI Peel

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4 Essential Benefits of the VI Peel

Chemical peels are one of the many treatments people use to eliminate the signs of aging and get healthier, glowing skin. There are different grades of chemical peels, each of which penetrates different levels of your skin, depending on your specific needs.

The VI peel is a medium-level peel that reaches through the superficial layers of your skin to get to the dermis layer underneath. If you want to refresh your skin and eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, or dark spots, the VI peel may be for you.

At Flushing Medical Spa in Queens, New York, Dr. QiLi Li and her team offer various treatment options to provide you with the youthful glow you're dreaming of. Dr. Li is an aesthetics specialist providing chemical peels, hydra facials, and microneedling to rejuvenate your skin.

What is the VI peel?

The VI (Vitality Institute) peel is a moderate chemical peel penetrating the dermis to refresh your skin. Vitality Institute Medical Products developed a proprietary blend of ingredients that make this peel successful.

The ingredients in the VI peel exfoliate your skin and stimulate the production of specific proteins that reduce signs of aging and smooth out the texture and pigmentation of your skin. The VI peel contains the following ingredients:

  • Phenol
  • Vitamin C
  • Salicylic acid
  • Tretinoin
  • Trichloroacetic acid

One of the significant aspects of the VI peel is that it's useful for all skin types and tones. It's safe for use on your face, hands, back, and chest.

Although the VI peel is safe, you may experience side effects like burning, swelling, and redness, especially if you have dark-colored skin.

How the VI peel works

The VI peel is a simple procedure Dr. Li performs in our office. If you want to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, or pigmentation problems on your skin, the VI peel may be for you.

Before she administers the chemical peel on your skin, Dr. Li cleanses your skin to remove any oil or dirt. She then applies the first layer of the solution to your skin. You may feel some numbness or tingling at this point.

After the first layer of the peel sets, Dr. Li applies the second layer, which turns white when it sets. The chemical peel sits on your skin for several hours before you can wash it off.

Dr. Li typically leaves the peel on for about four hours, after which you wash the chemicals off your face. You should notice your skin peeling about three days after your procedure.

Major benefits of the VI peel

The VI peel has various benefits to your skin, including reducing signs of aging. It also refreshes your appearance by stimulating collagen and elastin and removing old, damaged skin layers.

Dr. Li offers the VI peel for many reasons, mainly because it has multiple advantages over other treatments. Four of the major benefits of the VI peel include the following:

1. Reduces acne scars

Acne scars are often hard to treat on your own, which is where the VI peel can help. After your skin peels, it reveals healthier skin underneath, free of acne scars and pimples.

The VI peel eliminates scars from acne by reducing clogged pores and preventing inflammation.

2. Smooths out wrinkles

The VI peel penetrates the epidermis layers to reach the dermal layer of your skin. As your skin peels, it stimulates your body's healing response, which triggers it to produce more collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of your skin's elasticity and structure. Still, they decrease in production as you age. The VI peel triggers your body to produce more of these proteins, which helps smooth out mild to moderate wrinkles in your skin.

3. Diminishes sunspots

One of the ingredients in the VI peel is phenol, which is highly effective at treating skin discoloration and freckles. The VI peel is a medium-level peel that's very successful at lightening your skin and removing dark spots after the top layers of your skin peel.

4. It's well-tolerated

The best aspect of the VI peel is that most people tolerate it very well. It's not painful and provides significant results in just a few weeks.

Mild to moderate burning during the peel is usual, but it's typically not uncomfortable enough that you need a preventive numbing cream or medication before your procedure.

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